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Jarrad Ricketts’ brand new single “Unicorns”


Jarrad Ricketts’ brand new single “Unicorns”

Jarrad Ricketts motivates youth to live their best life with brand new single “Unicorns”. 

The single is taken from the SAMA-nominated album “Jarrad Ricketts – Break The Rules”. Jarrad Ricketts is still celebrating his SAMA-nomination for the “Best Pop Album” and really is living his best life. There’s no better way to celebrate his success than with the release of a brand new single “Unicorns (Living My Best Life)”. The single is an anthem for the youth – essentially a call to them to get out there and live their best lives. This song gives young people the soundtrack to which to transform any self-doubt into confidence.

Jarrad has created his “LIVING MY BEST LIFE” Career and Life Skills Expo, which he is currently taking around to schools nationally, giving his motivational talk to over 67 schools around South Africa. He is teaching children that it’s not about the colour of your skin or where you come from, but your passion and perseverance to rise above your circumstances.

Through my self-funded workshops, career expos and motivational talks, I have been able to connect with youth from all walks of life who are facing so many social ills, such as gangsterism, substance abuse, bullying and depression. As a public figure, I took the initiative to create and facilitate a safe space for our children to speak up and become educated around the choices they can make to better their personal and academic lives,” explains a very passionate Jarrad. He continues saying: “This has been such a ground-breaking experience, as I am able to use my music and life story to create so much positive change in the young minds of our country. My passion for our youth and their wellbeing has seen me become the youth ambassador for Cape Mental Health, Project Smile and the YMCA – ploughing back into the community to usher in a new generation of future young South Africans who are driven and inspired to change the narrative, break stigmas and reach their highest potential.”

So, how did this powerful single come about? Close to the end of completing his SAMA-nominated debut album “Break The Rules”, Jarrad was reminded of the movie “Gone in 60 seconds”, where Nicholas Cage’s character has a dream car he wants to acquire – he refers to it as his ‘unicorn’. Having experienced many closed doors and failure in his music career, for the longest time Jarrad felt as though his dream of having his own album was something so far out of reach, that he would never see the day it would materialise… This dream album became his ‘unicorn’.

Finally realising this dream had become a reality, Jarrad was inspired to write and record his latest signal, the trap/pop anthem called “Unicorns (Living My Best Life)” – a tribute to anyone who has ever felt like their dreams are not valid or possible because of nay-sayers.

His new single showcases the bassy punch of the 808 kick, followed by the saucy snap of the electric snare becoming the perfect rhythm showcasing an inspiring yet attitude filled chorus, leaving any listener believing they can achieve what their hearts desire.

Jarrad Ricketts’ SAMA-nominated debut album ‘Break The Rules’ is out now across all digital platforms and the CD is available in all good music stores nationwide.

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