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JHB Beliebers Unite


JHB Beliebers Unite

I received this email from Sesam Davids and thought we would help spread the word. Ed

@The_SABeliebers have been sending out tweets asking people who are going to attend the JHB concert to do things together to make Justin Bieber feel special.  They have contacted Huisgenoot who apparently will be helping them spread the word as well. Amongst their requests to Bieber’s fans are:

Before the concert to start a chant: We are Beliebers and if you can’t hear us we’ll scream a little louder.

This chant shall be cheered until the concert starts.

Bring balloons any colour and at the beginning of the song All Around The World, throw them around and go crazy, have a huge party – bring extra balloons for those who forget.

When Bieber sings Believe, hold up signs saying ‘S.A. Loves U’

When he sings One Less Lonely Girl everyone should hold up a sign ‘I’m also the OLLG’ – and don’t forget to bring signs for those who don’t bring their own.

When he sings Baby to hold up a baby picture of Justin. Nothing fancy, just an A4 picture. It would be really cute…

And then right at the end to throw streamers at the stage – remember extra streamers for your fellow Beliebers.

“Justin will feel really special that we do this much for him. And I think it’s the least that we owe him. If you have any questions please tweet us @The_SAbeliebers . Please bring extra balloons, pictures, signs and streamers for those who didn’t get the message. Only if you can. Thank you SO much.”

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