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Justin Attacked?


Justin Attacked?

Yesterday at Justin Bieber’s concert at the Sevens Stadium in Abu Dhabi, an excited fan was able to infiltrate the security and rushed onto the stage while 19 -year-old Justin Bieber was sat at the piano singing the last song of his ‘Believe’ set.

The media have made statements such as Bieber was attacked with a knife, and who knows what, but if you look at the video clip you will see the fan just wanted to run up to Justin and touch him. We are sure JB had a huge fright, because there are some crazed fans out there, but luckily Bieber and was able to get himself out of the fan’s grip. With the security right behind the fan, and the commotion that followed turning the piano on its side, Justin – being the true performer – carried on with the song without missing a beat.

And then we wonder why Justin has become so paranoid and strange? We guess that’s the price you pay for fame and fortune!

If you are going to the JB concert tomorrow here are a few things to take note of:

1. Transport Information will be available on and publicised in the local press in due course.

2. If you have a GOLDEN CIRCLE STANDING ticket enter through the gates at Granger Bay Boulevard into Fort Wynyard (P2) parking, follow the signage.

3. If you have a GENERAL ADMISSION STANDING ticket enter through turnstiles 12-18 on Granger Bay Boulevard.

4. If you have a SEATED ticket you must enter through either the Grand Stand on the South side of the stadium or the Podium on the West side of the stadium

5. If you bought your tickets online (print at home) please make sure you print out your E-ticket, fold it as indicated on the ticket prior to arriving at the event to avoid creasing and damaging the barcodes, and ensure that you bring your E-ticket with you to the venue as we cannot reprint E-tickets at the venue for safety and security reasons. Your E-ticket needs to be of high print quality to ensure a positive scan at the venue. Please note we cannot scan tickets off any mobile device.

6. For E-tickets purchased from, please review your printer settings before you print. The document must print to its actual size so that the folding lines print to the edge of the paper. If the document is fit to print to the paper size it will print the barcode too far away from the edge of the paper, and the barcode scanners at the turnstiles will be unable to read your ticket.

7. Children under 14 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

8. Children between the ages of 14 and 18 who are not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian must have the emergency contact number for their parent or legal guardian saved under the name ICE on their mobile phones, or it must be written on a small piece of paper which is to be kept inside their wallets, so that medical personnel can contact this person in the event of a medical emergency.

9. We have setup a Lost & Found centre at the venue, which is located on the East Side Inner Podium in the event that they people are separated from groups, a parent or legal guardian. There is a dedicated call centre number which can be reached on 011 759 7215 should you need to contact the Lost & Found Centre or the Venue Operations Centre.

10. Please make sure that you make your children are aware of the dangers of talking to strangers, accepting any food or beverages from strangers, or getting into any vehicle with strangers. Please advise your children to call 011 759 7215 or go to the Lost & Found centre if they have any concerns about their safety & security.

11. Anyone caught drinking underage or giving alcohol to minors will be arrested.

12. Food and beverage will be available for sale inside the stadium. No alcohol may be brought to the stadium and security will refuse entry into the venue to any persons that are heavily intoxicated.

13. Don’t forget to bring with you on the day

– Tickets

– ID (if you intend to consume alcohol)

– Cash (no ATMs on site).

– Appropriate clothing for any weather conditions

14. Umbrellas, cameras or recording devices including iPads are NOT permitted.

It is important to note that some roads have been closed around the venue, so be sure to pop onto to find out which, and it is advisable not to leave getting to the stadium too late, as it will take a while to get in due to the queues and amount of people attending the concert.

Complete event information can be found at


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