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Justin Bieber reportedly taking acting lessons

Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber reportedly taking acting lessons

Justin Bieber has already mastered the art of becoming a pop-sensation and he has also recently won back (again) Selena Gomez. What do you do when you’ve done it all, apparently, you act. Justin is reportedly taking acting lessons with a professional who has helped some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Justin Bieber to help California fire victims

Apparently, however, he is taking acting lessons for the fun of it. The same sources warned the media that this doesn’t necessarily mean that we will be seeing him on the big screen anytime soon. TMZ was told that he’s NOT working on any kind of project, he simply wanted to try acting lessons.

Justin is learning at Nancy Banks’ studio in L.A., which has apparently been the place that celebs celebs like Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, Forest Whitaker and many more, hone their craft.

Recently, Justin took to social media to express his sympathy towards victims of the California fire. In the post on Instagram Justin showed his followers an infographic letting his fans know what was needed. It emphasized that water was in dire need, along with clothes, bedding, food, and baby products. You can help the California fire victims in multiple ways, such as donating money online to the American Red Cross or Thomas Fire Fund, and contributing in-person to the Salvation Army and Humane Society.


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