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Justin Bieber Concert Venue Robbed


Justin Bieber Concert Venue Robbed

We have some very clever thieves in our country, especially those that planned a cash heist at the FNB Stadium in JHB on Sunday night.

It is alleged that the robbery was after 23:00 when a stadium employee locked the takings from all the refreshment and merchandise vendors in the walk-in safe found on the premises.

It is thought that the robbery was an inside job, which means that someone working at the event, and who had access to certain insider information helped in the robbery. According to Jacques Grobbelaar, Stadium Management CEO, there were 4 000 people working at the concert on Sunday night, and the police have narrowed the list of suspects down to 60 or 70 people.

What the thieves did was not cool, but at least they didn’t injure or kill anyone. The investigation is under way and we hope that the police find the criminals soon.


Image: S Bukley

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