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Justin in trouble again!


Justin in trouble again!

It seems Justin just can’t stay out of trouble. This time it is with his neighbours.

In the gated community of Calabasas, California, where Justin now lives, his neighbours have complained to the Homeowners Association in the area. Each resident pays $1 000 dollars every month and have threatened to withhold payments until Justin Bieber is taken to task. There are 500 residents in the upmarket neighbourhood and if they all refuse payment, the Homeowners Association will have a huge problem.

Late night parties, speeding around the suburb with his Ferrari and letting his friends park illegally overnight have led to the complaints.

He also faces charges of allegedly threatening to kill his neighbour and spitting at him when the neighbour confronted him about his speeding. This is quite serious for Bieber, as the District Attorney is reviewing the case and is expected to make a decision soon.

We hope Bieber is not ‘losing’ it and this is just a phase that will pass over soon!

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