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Katy Perry finally confirms Taylor Swift feud


Katy Perry finally confirms Taylor Swift feud

Taylor Swift has always been fairly open about her private life, famously writing about it in her music. With the release of her single Bad Blood followed up with the release of the notorious ‘Taylor Swift squad‘ music video, we knew Taylor Swift and Katy Perry had beef. While Taylor Swift was loose lipped about the whole situation, Katy Perry was not. 

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We knew that the situation had something to do with Katy Perry ‘stealing’ Taylor Swift’s back up dancers but the story has never officially been put straight. Katy joined the famous James Corden for one of his Carpool Karaoke skits. Between the karaoke part of the skit, James Corden probed Katy on what exactly happened between her and Taylor. Usually and understandably tight-lipped Katy eventually spoke up about the situation.

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Katy explains that there were three backing dancers that went on tour with Taylor. Katy says that they had asked her before they went on tour if it was all right and she said: ‘Yeah, sure go. I’m not on a record cycle, get the work and she’s great and all of that.’ She did however emphasize that she would be on a record cycle in about a year. She advised her backup dancers to put a 30 day contingency in their contracts with Taylor Swift so that they had the choice to join her when she was back on a record cycle. That year came up and Katy contacted her backup dancers letting them know that she was about to start again. The backup dancers specified that they were going to talk to management about it and they did and they got fired. Katy says she tried to talked to Taylor about it but that Taylor wouldn’t speak to her. Katy says that the next she heard from Taylor was through her track Bad Blood.  



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