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Will Katy Perry be appearing in Taylor Swift’s new music video?

Katy Perry


Will Katy Perry be appearing in Taylor Swift’s new music video?

It appears that both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry might eventually be ready to put their bitter feud behind them. Video footage and photos have surfaced showing Taylor filming a new music video. And according to some fans, one of the back-up dancers looks a lot like Katy.

A source told E! that the two made up while they were both in Miami and that the American Idol judge did film a cameo.  The feud allegedly started with back-up dancers. It will therefore be fitting if the music video features Katy as a back-up dancer. The feud escalated with Taylor’s Bad Blood music video so many think it appropriate that one of Taylor’s new music videos should end the feud.

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The pictures and videos show that Future was on the set of the new music video, which means that it’s for Taylor’s track End Game. In the song, Taylor sings about her “big enemies” and her “big reputation.” Safe to say Katy has been involved with both of those topics.

Meanwhile, Katy has released a new music video for her track Hey Hey Hey. Katy channels her inner Marie Antoinette and Joan of Arc. In the almost-four-minute video, Perry plays up her character as she deals with the king and all the needed duties that require her to hold such a royal position. Her distaste for the finer way of life only leads her to one dead end.


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