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Kids See Ghosts – Kanye West/Kid Cudi


Kids See Ghosts – Kanye West/Kid Cudi

So Kanye West is a busy man…Not only did he release his album Ye last week to mixed responses, but just a couple of days ago he released his second album of the week – a collaboration with Kid Cudi. Whilst many (not us) were disappointed with Ye the week before, feeling that this is the first of Kanye’s albums to really miss the mark, the reviews of this joint venture seem to be hugely positive.

The album is not designed for easy-listening, and in fact we have to recommend a full concentrated session with it to fully absorb what’s going on (this isn’t too much to ask considering the album only has 7 tracks). The songs are woven out of a mixture of themes and ideas but the overall effect is cohesive unravelling that holds your attention long after the last track has played.

All we can say is – enjoy. You really are in for a treat.

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