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Kim K’s Curves


Kim K’s Curves

Not only is Kim Kardashian a reality star and a business mogul! She is also a fashion role model! She loves her curves and she shows them off! Kim is proud of her body, she wears a bikini, and she wears tight dresses.

We may not all have her courage to wear the tight clothes or the bikini, but we shouldn’t be ashamed about our figures! It’s nice to be thin and toned, I’m not going to lie, but it’s also good to have curves!

We make a big issue about Kim loving her curves and she probably gets annoyed but not everyone can accept their body and their bone structure.

Kim shows us that it is hot to have curves! She wears the right clothes to suit her curves perfectly! The dresses she wears hug the right places! She does what she does best; she wears what she wants and what works with her body! If you are a little bigger than average, you probably feel shy when you put your swimsuit on, but the right one is out there, it will make you look great, you just have to look for it and work with the assets God gave you. Tip – AVOID horizontal stripes, they make you look larger! Be proud of your body! Don’t be ashamed of who you are! Think smart… sarongs work wonders at covering up the nasty wobbly bits…

I think the secret to loving your body is to accept it! Whether your bone structure is larger or you are a few kilos over your friends’ weight. The secret is to accept that you are perfect in your own way! If you want you can lose a few kilos if it’s done the safe and healthy way! Don’t be ashamed, accept it, love it and work it!

By Emma Wrede

(C) Helga Esteb


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