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Kim’s 1800 Calorie Diet


Kim’s 1800 Calorie Diet


Kim's 1800 Calorie Diet

Kim Kardashian exists as one of the most attractive woman at this moment in time. Kim is the most searched celebrity on Google (2016) and that fact doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon! After having two adorable children Kim decided that she wanted to get back to how much she weighed before she decided to have kids. The curvaceous Kar


dashian has shed the weight and then some. The transition has been exponential; a lot of weight lost in a short period of time. The question is, how did she do it?


Kim’s weight-loss journey is no secret to the public – Snapchat being her preferred social media site. She has been very open with the entire process emphasizing that she would like to lose 60 pounds just after the birth of Saint. She has been working out regularly and has kept a rigid diet. Kim has adopted the Atkins diet and is obviously being paid by Atkins as well. The basic aspect of the diet is that Kim does not consume more that 1800 calories a day. She has, however, adapted her diet as she has lost more weight.

First on the list to be avoided is bread. Excess carbs are turned into sugar by your body therefore turning into fat. The same goes for pasta! Only half a cup of pasta can be eaten as a possible side to a meal. The third thing to be avoided when she is done breastfeeding is alcohol. Alcohol can be extremely fattening with no pros to the cons. The diet isn’t void of indulgences though. Sugar substitutes come into play. Low-carb peanut butter cups and Harvest Trail Bars are Kim’s go-to sugar substitutes.

People on the Atkins diet eat a lot of protein, fiber-rich carbohydrates and healthy fats. Because Atkins is a mainly-protein-based diet, budget protein powders are often essential to maintain it or the monthly costs get insane. This means that the body begins to use the fat stored in your body for food. By avoiding carbohydrates, stored fat is the only food left for the body to function properly. There are also other health benefits to the diet like increased energy because your blood sugar isn’t spiking and dropping, a better lipid profile and HCL levels, and decreased risk of inflammation.

By: Kriszti Bottyan


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