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Kindle 3G and Wi-Fi


Kindle 3G and Wi-Fi

Are you a dedicated reader, but are tired of having no space in your bedroom for all the books… ?

Well, then we have the perfect mobile book for you! It’s the Kindle.

The Kindle 2 is made for mobile book reading. But it isn’t only made to read books, you can also read the latest newspapers and magazines on it.

The kindle’s screen is black and white powered by E ink pearl display it’s a new kind of technology that makes the screen and word on the screen look like real ink. The screen is made so you can read in the sun, so it doesn’t shine like an LED screen.

Kindle has its own ebook format which is AZW which is designed for fast performance and provides abundant security for Kindle ebook publishers. However, it is only readable by Kindle and cannot be used on iPad, Nook or any other similar devices.

The Kindle is super light, which means it doesn’t feel like you are carrying 50 books in your purse or bag. It only weighs 246g. You can literally lift it up with your pinky! Its dimensions are 19.1×12.2×0.8 cm (Height x Width x Depth)

The Kindle 3G keyboard is located just under the screen and the keys are well spaced and very responsive. There are page turn buttons (previous/next) on both side of the device which makes it very convenient to use.

Kindle 3G has a capacity of 3,500 ebooks in its library, so you will always have something to read. The memory capacity of Kindle 3G is 4GB.

Kindle books can be downloaded in just 60 seconds. The battery keeps up to 2 months, so you have to charge it about 6 times a year 😀

The kindle doesn’t heat up like other devices if you use it for longer than an hour or so.

Kindle 3G allows you to highlight and share any part of your book on Facebook & Twitter with all your friends and family. It also has a built-in dictionary with over 250,000 entries and definitions and you can look up any words while reading.

Kindle “Read-to-me” is a Text to Speech feature. You can get your daily dose of newspapers, blogs, magazines and even books read to you.

The Kindle browser makes use of its Wi-Fi or Kindle 3G Network connectivity allowing the reader to stay connected with the internet. The browser is basic but very usable for surfing blogs, Wikipedia etc. You can connect to your email, social accounts on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Kindle 3G Features:
*Colors: Graphite / White
*Size: 19.1×12.2×0.8 cm (90 mm x 122 mm x 8.5 mm)
*Weight: 247 grams
*Technology: E Ink Pearl technology
*Resolution: 600 x 800 pixel at 167 ppi
*Color: 16 shades of grey scale
*No Glare Screen (you can read fine in bright light)
*8 Adjustable font sizes
*3 Adjustable font styles: (Caecilia font, Condensed Caecilia, Sans Serif )
*Manual Screen Rotation: Portrait or Landscape
*Zoom images to full screen size

By Ludolf Burger

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