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Lady Gaga Announces Return Of Her Bud Light Dive Bar Tour


Lady Gaga Announces Return Of Her Bud Light Dive Bar Tour

Andrew Ryback

Billed as “Bud Light’s Dive Bar 2.0,” the trek will see Gaga stop in Las Vegas on July 13, and see her share the intimate set-up with two yet-to-be-announced acts on their own Dive Bar Tour stops in Los Angeles (July 26) and New Orleans (August 30). If you’re not able to check out Gaga in-person, the sets will be live streamed via Facebook similar to the previous shows.

“I just really love to play in bars and I miss it all the time, which is why we’ve created this amazing tour that I’m so happy other artists will be doing now,” she said in an interview with E!. “There is something that is very hard in a way about sitting up so close to everyone and singing, but that’s sort of the joy of it—that’s really why we’re doing it, because it’s taking it back and it’s not so separated and it’s not so ‘cellphones.’ It’s just people close together, some beer and some music.”

Gaga also teased the release of even more new music. “You just might get some more music. I love making music. I don’t know exactly when,” she continued. “I’m sort of feeling like I’m making songs and doing all sorts of things with music, but I don’t know exactly when or how I will release them. I’m working on that.”


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