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Life is an Adventure!


Life is an Adventure!

Let Muzi inspire you on the rocky road ahead, called LIFE!

Each one of us is born into this world with a destiny, direction and the full time employment to achieve our dreams and conquer our journeys. We are not given GPS’ sadly, nor a map with X marking the spot, that’s why life is called an Adventure. We are however given a heart, a mind, a body and spirit. These tools working together allow us to fully enjoy the gift of life, with all its disappointments, its throw backs and its blessings, they give us the mentality and maturity to acknowledge and understand the fact that everything does indeed happen for a reason, but we further grow to know that every reason has a season.

We may not grasp our true purpose in life yet, we are still young and still busy trying to discover ourselves, but that makes the adventure of life even more thrilling, even more challenging. We are at a time in our lives when we are greatly influenced by many factors surrounding us, as our minds are still longing for experience still fooled by deceit, and it is such a time, that we could lose ourselves, our true worth, to the cruel disease of becoming another, and aiming to live their life.

Life will throw lemons into our lives with such bruising force, and it is those set backs that should motivate us to push even harder in a forward direction, it is with those very same lemons that we need to accept, and make a refreshing jug of lemonade.

We are all immaculate creations, with impeccable gifts and talents and in identifying such talents in us, we identifying our purpose. We are all masterpieces, that big/slim body, the blemishes, pimples, scars, defects, and flawless creations are what make us beautiful, accepting them make us gorgeous.

Life will be hard, it will be challenging, disappointing and at times seem not worth living, but the true experience of such times make us stronger, and more determined, they should give us greater surety that we are living, and not just there. Embrace every opportunity in life, every set back, every triumph, fall, injury, victory… embrace it all, as that shall reveal the reason why everything happened, and your destiny will be achieved and victory conquered.

AT ALL TIMES BE YOU, and let the world marvel at such a creation.

By Muzi Zuma




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