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Lily Hollows debut single is BRILLIANT!


Lily Hollows debut single is BRILLIANT!

Johannesburg-based singer/songwriter Lily Hollows makes an unforgettable entrance to the music industry with debut single, ‘Daddy I’m Gone’, now available on all leading digital platforms worldwide. The indie artist has taken the popular genre of soulful jazz and crafted it into her own with a fusion of grunge and elegance.
The 19-year-old’s songwriting abilities shine in the single, showcasing a mature take on modern-day relationship struggles. ‘Daddy I’m Gone’ is about a girl who’s in love and rebels against her over-protective father. The song was written to draw attention to how being too sheltered can lead to a sense of defiance in the youth.
“To me, it means letting go of all the negative and degrading comments people make in terms of your relationship choices. I wanted to release this as my first single, because it not only addresses teenagers or young people, but also their parents, and shows how much the youth require strong support systems,” Hollows says.
Having already accomplished what most young artists can only dream of, Lily Hollows is now turning her dreams of commercial success into reality. An award-winning artist, she has received numerous gold accolades at the South African Championships of Performing Arts (SACOPA) and has also performed alongside some of the country’s top artists.
The new single, ‘Daddy I’m Gone’ was written by Hollows and has been released independently with more music being written and produced for future release. Hollows’ crossover appeal is undeniable, garnering high recognition for her versatility and innovation in a competitive industry and cementing  her place as a youthful beat at the foot of Africa.
‘Daddy I’m Gone’ is now available on all leading digital retailers.
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