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Louis Tomlinson teases new song


Louis Tomlinson teases new song


Louis Tomlinson teases his new song Back To You and just like that, he has his fans freaking out! Louis has been telling fans that he has been hard at work on his first solo album for months now but has finally revealed that his new single will drop 21 July 2017. 

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The star dropped a teaser video for his new track on his social media pages. The short clip features the 21 year-old playing on his phone and picking up a cup of coffee, walking down the street and playing darts.

At the end of June Louis revealed his true thoughts about being a part of One Direction labeling himself as the ‘unforgettable’ band member. Louis released his first solo track in December last year alongside Steve Aoki and it received relative success but not to the extent of his other band mates’ solo releases. If the reactions that Louis has received for the teaser clip is anything to go by, Louis is far from forgettable, just ask his fans!

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