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Magical Memories!


Magical Memories!

The cast of Wizards Of Waverly Place reveal their most magical memories from working on the hit Disney Channel show

The cast of Wizards Of Waverly Place reveal their most magical memories from working on the hit Disney Channel show! What stories will Selena Gomez and the gang never forget? Read on for the answers…


Selena Gomez reveals: “Working on Wizards Of Waverly Place has been so much fun. I feel very grateful to be able to say that I was on a show for four years with such an amazing and talented cast. I’ve made so many magical memories over the years that it’s really difficult to pick just one favourite moment, but I’ll never forget our last day on set. There was David Henrie, Jake T Austin and me working on the finale episode – and it was so emotional. I burst into tears as soon as they yelled, ‘That’s a wrap!’ In fact, that’s when everyone started to cry. I’ll never forget it. Another memory I’ll never forget is the moment that I was recognised from the show for the first time. A little kid came up to me and said, ‘Alex, is the magic on Wizards real?’ I leaned down and said, ‘Do you believe it’s real?’ He nodded and I said, ‘Well, of course it is.’ It was such a cute moment. It’s something that I will remember forever.”


David Henrie admits, “My happiest memory from the show was when we all flew to Puerto Rico to shoot Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie. That was an awesome experience that I will never forget. It was amazing! Puerto Rico is such a great place to visit. If we weren’t working, we’d head to the beach or we’d go out for a meal or we’d head out on the town. We had so much fun! I also loved the fact that I got to do loads of really cool stunts in the movie. I got to run around in mud for three days, as well as work on technical green-screen scenes. They don’t usually let us do stunts on the TV show, but it was crucial that we did them in the movie, so we had a lot of fun filming everything. I really enjoyed the action. I felt like Jean Claude Van Dam!”


Jennifer Stone reveals, “My most magical memory from Wizards Of Waverly Place involves the time I spent bonding with all of the people I met on the show. I know this sounds cheesy, but I have made some incredible friends on Wizards and I have had the time of my life. My last day on set is also a day I’ll never forget. I was feeling a little emotional that day because I knew I’d be shooting my final scene, but I tried not to think about it because I didn’t want to cry. But I lost it as soon as the producer shouted, ‘That’s a series wrap for Jennifer.’ I don’t cry very often. I’m not that kind of girl, but I couldn’t stop crying this day. In fact, I cried the most out of everyone. It was unreal!”


Gregg Sulkin admits, “I cherish every single moment I spent on the set of Wizards Of Waverly Place. Sometimes you take things for granted, but there was a moment the week before we finished shooting the fourth series that I will never forget. It was just a short break where everyone who worked on the show had a little rest – but if you looked around the place, you just saw the love filling the room. It was amazing to feel that passion that everyone has for the show. That image summed up how close everybody was and how hard everyone worked to make the show a success. Shows don’t just magically become a success. It’s not just the actors, but it’s the writers working tirelessly behind the scenes, it’s the wardrobe women making sure that everything’s in place, it’s the camera crew and the producers. It’s a complete collaboration between everyone involved.”


Jake T. Austin admits, “My happiest memories from the show happened every Thursday and Friday at work on the set. There’s no specific situation, just the feeling of everyone being together in the same scene doing take after take. Sometimes we would end up doing 10 or 12 takes to get a scene exactly right – but it was always fun. When you work on a set as an actor, it often gets frustrating when you do so many takes. You often just want to finish the day as soon as possible – but it never felt like that on the set of Wizards. There was never any rush or hustle to finish. We just enjoyed every minute of it. Another highlight was shooting the movie in Puerto Rico. That was amazing! We filmed on the beach every day and we were all staying on the same floor of the same hotel. There were pool parties, fun meals, kayak trips and walks through the rainforest. It was a blast.”


Maria Canals-Barrera reveals, “My two favourite memories from working on Wizards Of Waverly Place happened the day after we won our first Emmy Award, and the day after we won our second Emmy Award. We always have so much fun shooting the show, but it’s extra special to receive recognition for our work. When that recognition sinks in, it’s a really good feeling. Children’s shows don’t always get a lot of respect or recognition – but we did with Wizards Of Waverly Place. To me, that’s outstanding and I couldn’t be prouder.”



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