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Making a difference


Making a difference

Here are 10 simple tips for making a difference to the environment:

  1. Switch off your TV instead of leaving it on ‘standby’ mode because this actually uses approximately 50% of the energy a TV would use if it was on! Same goes for music systems, games consoles, computers, DSTV decoders etc.
  2. Refuse straws in restaurants. It is best to tell your waiter before they bring your drink, as many restaurants send opened straws with drinks as standard.
  3. Use reusable bags for carrying your shopping. If you have to use a plastic carrier bag for some reason, make sure that you reuse it a few times.
  4. Set up small recycling bins in your room, so that you can separate your rubbish to make recycling easier for your whole family.
  5. Try using old items for different purposes. Get creative with what you do with old CDs etc. Or alternatively donate your old items to charity if they are still in good condition.
  6. Dispose of electrical equipment and batteries as instructed. Do not just throw them into the waste bin!
  7. Talk to your friends about environmental issues. If you discuss it enough, they may start to follow your advice (or just get so irritated that they do whatever you ask to shut you up!)
  8. Take lifts with friends to parties/school etc rather than going in your own car. This reduces air pollution!
  9. Shower instead of bath and if possible use low flow shower heads that reduce the amount of water you use.
  10. When you make a cup of coffee or tea put enough water in the kettle that it is over the minimum amount required, but just enough to make your hot drink. Boiling too much water each time wastes energy.

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