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Man flies over South Africa with 100 balloons


Man flies over South Africa with 100 balloons

A British adventurer, Tom Morgan, flew across South Africa in a camping chair suspended by 100 balloons. The daredevil made Disney Pixar’s movie Up come to life. He traveled nearly 97 km at a height of 2,438 m after spending two days filling the balloons with helium. Morgan told BBC that the experience was ‘unbelievably cool’, ‘magical’ and also ‘terrifying’.

The video of his flight was posted by the Adventurists, a group that says its mission is “fighting to make the world less boring.” Morgan next plans to launch a three-day, long distance race flying with the balloons.

The Adventurists’ website does warn people that “these are genuinely dangerous things to do” and that people cannot “overestimate the risks involved in taking part in these adventures.”

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