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Meet ‘Getroud Met Rugby’ hottie, Arno Greef!


Meet ‘Getroud Met Rugby’ hottie, Arno Greef!

image2Teenzone was excited at the chance of meeting up with the heart-throb that is Arno-Greef! From theatre productions to Binnelanders to Die Pro and Getroud Met Rugby, Arno has definitely secured his spot in the acting world. What’s more, you can expect a whole lot more from him in the future. 

What about acting first appealed to you?

The thrill of performing. I enjoyed entertaining people but the added pressure of remembering lines and putting on a show really lit a fire in my soul.

Have your parents always been as supportive of your chosen career path as they are now?

I only started late (when I was 16), but from the day that I said I wanted to be an actor they promised to help me achieve my dream.

Do you miss taking part in theatre productions? Will you ever return to the world of theatre?

Hopefully. Nothing beats the feeling of a live performance. I’m hoping to do a play in 2017.

Was filming Die Pro as much of an adventure as it seemed to be?

Definitely. We had so much fun and the whole physical aspect of having to surf just enhanced the experience.

Did you know how to surf already or did you have to learn how to for the film?

No. I had a month to learn.

Was it fun acting as the antagonist in the film?

It was. It’s nice to play a character who feeds the lead. My attitude towards him inspires change and gets him to the place where he needs to be. The only downside is that people who watch the film don’t like you that much.

How does filming Getroud Met Rugby compare to filming Binnelanders?

Being part of a new production is exciting. I’ve also got a bigger role and more responsibility so I’m learning and growing, and it’s nice to be shooting more often with bigger storylines.

What rugby team do you support?

Blue Bulls, unfortunately.

Can you relate at all to your character Tommie Bekker?

Yes, very much. He’s a happy-go-lucky kinda guy and he’s very creative. It’s quite cool to be the only character on the show who doesn’t play rugby.

What do you think rugby and acting have in common with each another?

Making a film or TV show is a big team effort. We all rely on each other to create something cool.

How do you keep your body in check while filming Getroud Met Rugby?

Although I don’t have to look as good as the players, I still work out five days a week and try to eat as healthy as possible.

Is there a particular person you draw inspiration from?

My father. He’s a great man who really tried everything he could to give me the opportunity to live the life that I wanted. He’s caring and kind and I have the utmost respect for him.

Do you have any new projects coming up soon?

I recently shot a film called Vaselinetjie (based on the book with the same name) where I played the male lead role. It will release late 2017 after an international festival run.

If you could choose any series to be a part of, which one would you choose?

There’s a new series on kykNET called Hotel. A really witty and funny comedy which is pushing the boundaries of local comedy shows. I’d love to do something like that. It’s a mix of The Office and Modern Family.

Do you think it’s important to have a back-up plan for those striving to be actors or actresses, especially in South Africa?

If you have a plan B you can never fully pursue plan A. There are definitely some financial challenges in our local industry, so you need to try and find something that can sustain you in the times where you don’t have work. But if it’s really something you want and need to do, you should go at it with full force. Keep in mind that versatility will give you a lot more options. It’s not a plan B, it’s just a way you can keep busy and still do what you love, for example being able to sing, dance or creating your own films or stuff like that. I’m not just an actor, I’m a performer and creator.

By: Kriszti Bottyan

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