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Meet the 16-year-old genius!


Meet the 16-year-old genius!

Meet Lauren Marbe who lives in Loughton, Essex in London.

What makes Lauren so special is that she has an IQ of 161 and that puts her in the league of Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkings and Bill Gates. This was discovered when the high school that Lauren attends did a Mensa accredited IQ test of all the high achievers in the school!

Lauren is expected to be earning A and A+ marks in her GCSEs this year.

This daughter of a cab driver has been enrolled into Mensa, which places her officially in the top 1 percent of the cleverest people in the world.

Mensa = a high IQ society which provides a forum for intellectual exchange among its members.

And what does Lauren want to do one day? She wants to be an actress at the West End theatre. Perhaps she’ll wind up going the way of Natalie Portman, the Hollywood actress who attended Harvard University, has studied four languages and has a degree in psychology, among other intellectual achievements.


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