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Here is why Meghan Markle is under so much scrutiny

Meghan Markle


Here is why Meghan Markle is under so much scrutiny

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry haven’t had the chance to enjoy the post-engagement bliss most couples get to. There has been a constant cloud over the couple’s engagement. Meghan has unfortunately been the subject of much scrutiny.

One of Meghan’s childhood friends shared photos and stories covering everything to The Daily Mail who in return published them all. The subject matter ranged from the relatively innocent, like how they became inseparable in elementary school and what it was like to the all-girls private school, to more hurtful revelations like the fact that this friend believes that fame “changed” Meghan. A headline even circulated that the friend “blamed” Meghan for the destruction of her first marriage.

Racist internet trolls aimed at Meghan Markle after engagement announcement

Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle has also had a fairly loose mouth about the royal-to-be. It’s widely known that the two women aren’t close (it’s unknown the last time they even spoke) and it’s worth mentioning that she has plans to release a book called The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister.

Kate Middleton went through the same thing when she began the public portion of her relationship with Prince William. During their courtship, several of Kate’s college friends spoke to the press about what she was like pre-fame. There were leaked photos of everything from dorm room fun to that infamous lingerie fashion show. The scrutiny that accompanied Kate then and the scrutiny that surrounds Meghan now can be largely described as misogynistic. The media is allowing Markle’s former “friends” to subtly slut-shame her while failing to mention that Harry has been through his fair share of partners.

The positive side is that Harry has proven to be very protective of his fiancee. Given his familiarity with news cycles, there’s a good chance that the future Royal couple haven’t even looked at Google in the last week.

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