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When we are young, we tend to believe the media, and convince ourselves that if we are not always happy there is something wrong with us. Nobody is always happy. Not even Beyonce. We can say this categorically. There is not a single person on this planet who is happy 24/7. It is entirely normal to have highs and lows. In fact it is expected. It’s true that when we are younger, those highs and lows tend to be quite dramatic, but still they are just highs and lows.

We recently received a great tip from a psychologist on this topic of mood regulation, which we thought we should share with you. She suggested that everyone would benefit from keeping a mood diary for a couple of weeks. She advises noting in this diary when you are feeling happy, sad, jealous, lonely etc and what you were doing at the time. She believes that if you hone in on your moods, you start to realise that no mood lasts forever. Basically – you won’t feel sad forever, just like you won’t feel happy for ever. A mood diary also helps you to see what triggers your mood changes, so that you can avoid those things that make you feel lonely or embarrassed and instead do activities or hang out with people who boost you.

Now we tried to the mood diary thing and we can honestly say that it helps. You start to predict your emotions, and take them a bit less seriously. It turns out that hunger makes TeenZone into a sad and angry monster, but when the hunger is gone contentment returns. We have therefore stacked the office with a multitude of snacks, ready to prevent the hanger feeling…These things are good to know, and make the office a much more pleasant place. We have gone for years assuming that every day at around 11am, we have a slump of serious sadness where EVERYTHING and EVERYONE becomes unbelievably irritating. It turns out we are just hungry. It’s as simple as that.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some paper and a pen and get recording. As with everything, the more you learn about yourself and what makes you tick, the better equipped you are to face the future!

Having said all of this, if any of you are feeling a sadness that you just can’t shift, or have thought about causing harm to yourself or someone else, please don’t suffer in silence. Chemical imbalances in our brains can make us unwell sometimes, and in these situations help is needed to feel better. You can contact your GP to discuss this or Childline on 08000 55 555. 



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