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Music reviews – Civil Twilight/Frank Ocean


Music reviews – Civil Twilight/Frank Ocean

Civil Twilight – Holy Weather


You may have heard of this South African band for the first time due to their singles ‘Letters From the Sky’, and ‘Soldier’ playing on the radio. After the release of their debut album, they toured Europe and the US. Their newest single is ‘Fire Escape’, which you may also have heard on the radio. This is the alternative rock band’s second album and has been released locally, in the US and UK and Canada.

The band moved from Cape Town to Los Angeles several years ago to pursue their dream and they are doing very well. This album is testament to why they deserve success and recognition as superior musicians and song-writers. Their album has received great reviews and many people have likened them to internationally renowned bands such as U2 and Muse.

Holy Weather is flowing and captivating to listen to. Steven McKellar has stated that travelling and touring was his inspiration for writing the songs and this shines through in beautifully written and delivered songs. This album was produced by some big names such as John Congleton (Modest Mouse, Bono) and Dan Carey (M.I.A.). It’s a beautiful album with smooth and haunting melodies and honest vocals. These songs are relatable and there are no bad tracks. Every song stands out and adds to the album in its own way. The lyrical arrangement and musicianship of these young men can only be complimented and this is overall a great album that is recommended to lovers of music.

Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

This is the debut album of American songwriter Frank Ocean and it takes a very different approach to song structure, which is refreshing and interesting. Meandering songs cut off suddenly and quick interjections are intermittent. There are collaborations with artists such as André 3000, Earl Sweatshirt, John Mayer and more. The title of the album refers to the colour he associates with a summer during which he fell in love for the first time. This is a most interesting album and could be called unconventional and noncommercial.

Frank mixes some R&B with soul, pop and jazz and this is interspersed with narratives. He sings about love, superficial lifestyles, past experiences, fantasy and more. Tracks played backwards, odd artwork and unique structuring make this album worth getting. Channel Orange has received rave reviews, bettering more experienced, established and renowned artists. This album received an average score of 92 out of 100 at Metacritic, an aggregation website which takes the average of many different reviews.

Listen to ‘Super Rich Kids’ and ‘Pyramids’, a 10 minute track that deals with the disappointments of love using the analogy of Cleopatra’s betrayal. This creative and personal album will impress people and create a new fanbase. It has been voted best new music on several websites and should definitely be part of your collection. This young writer and singer is extremely talented and should be watched for his next move. After listening to this album, people will surely want more of these thought-provoking lyrics that encompass everything from religion to pregnancy to landing on the moon.

Courtney Cullis

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