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Muzi’s Varsity Life


Muzi’s Varsity Life

By now the harsh reality of deadlines, and pressures of varsity have all hit home. Gone are the days where you could hand in an assignment 3 weeks later, and your teacher would accept it, gone are the days where we could miss a test, and still right it 3 days later. Our minds are now reminiscing about how easy we had it back in high school, and how much of a transition we are going through in such a short span of time.

Now you star to realise just how little time you have left, and  get that reality check that if you don’t pull up your socks, you’re done for, and back in first year you will be! This is where the pressure is felt fully by us as ‘fragile’ students. The temptations and peer pressures of Varsity don’t take a back seat when the going gets tough academically, they somehow seem to come at us harder, with more force, leaving us all the more frantic, pressured and overwhelmed.

Recall back to the beginning: Knowing who and what you are, and why you came to Varsity allows you to firmly adjust in Varsity and deal with such pressures. Having a vision is something that always keeps one grounded, it keeps one motivated. Varsity is the crux of it all. The foundations have been firmly set by Primary and High School, what you make of it now rests on your shoulders, as you set foot on your journey to Becoming What You Want To BE.

Group assignments have to be the greatest oxymoron’s of varsity. As much as they are the preferred option, they are the worst things ever, as they either strengthen or break friendships, and lead many to failure. It is through my experience of good and bad group selections that I can confidently advise you to select a group that closely relates to you as a person and the type of student you are.

Unfortunately there will be times that one person who will bring a strong group down. On the one hand you don’t want to do all the work, and that person gets all the credit, but you also don’t want to be abused, and strive for equality. This is when it’s important to know your rights. It is well within our rights as students to alert the Professors and lecturers of people who don’t contribute to group assignments, that way you ensure that your side is done, and the matter has been correctly addressed.

Having a back up plan always helps at such times. The worst mistake you could possibly make, is to undermine the amount of time you have left. Time tables and a diary allow you to structure deadlines and studying, reducing the pressure, and allowing you to perform to the best of your abilities. In group assignments, identifying the lowest denominator, allows the group to establish a sound back up plan, to avoid the missing of deadlines, and submission of incomplete tasks.

We all enter varsity to attain our Diplomas and Degrees, to grow as the young intellect of this country, and that should at all times remain our main focus; Achieving our goals, grooming the potential that is YOU.

By Muzi Zuma

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