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The new iPhone’s ‘secret nudes’ folder isn’t what you think



The new iPhone’s ‘secret nudes’ folder isn’t what you think

Widespread hysteria occurred on Twitter earlier this week after a user announced on the social media platform that she had found a ‘secret nudes’ folder on her new iPhone. She discovered the folder after typing the word “brassiere” into the search bar of her Photos app. She discovered that iPhone had stored pictures of herself posing in her underwear. “Why are apple saving these and made it a folder!!?!!?” she wailed in a post on the social networking site.

Many assumed that Apple is secretly saving all the photos but of course, what’s actually going on is nothing of the sort. Apple added image recognition software to its Photos app in 2016, in an attempt to make it easier for users to find pictures of specific people, places or things in their photo library. If you type “cat” or “sunset” or “bride” into the search bar, it will bring up any photo from your library that it thinks might contain that object.

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Apple had this to say about the ‘new’ feature:

“Advanced face recognition and computer vision technology lets you search your photos by who and what’s in them. Photos recognises scenes or specific objects in your photos, so you can search for things like dogs, mountains, or flowers.”

So, in other words, everyone can calm down now.

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