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Newsflash: Mobile phones to be BANNED in French schools


Newsflash: Mobile phones to be BANNED in French schools

French school students will be banned from using mobile phones anywhere on school grounds from September this year, after the lower house of parliament passed what it called a “detox” law for a younger generation increasingly addicted to screens.

The new law bans phone-use by children in school playgrounds, at break times and anywhere on school premises. This means that any child caught using a phone on school premises has BROKEN THE LAW, not just school rules. It is yet to be determined what the consequences will be for the children who do break this new legislation.

Hilariously one of the MPs in Parliament pointed out that whilst the politicians were all debating childrens’ phone use, they were in fact all sat typing away on their screens during the meeting…

All of this must however make us question – will South Africa be next??




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