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Nike releases Reimagined 1 women sneaker edition


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Nike releases Reimagined 1 women sneaker edition

Fourteen talented women have all worked together to create the new collection of Nike sneakers. The collection has been described as a massive ‘creative feat’, meaning it’s good, really good. The range merges classically cool with the brilliantly futuristic in the best way possible.

In 1982, Nike came out with the now-iconic Nike Air Force 1, which was followed by the equally celebrated Air Jordan 1 in 1985. The two were designed by men for male basketball players, but they also came to define Nike’s fashion-forward aesthetic. The new collection features five new articulations of both the Air Force 1 and Jordan 1. The 10 updates were designed by women for women and it is truly refreshing.  From slides to lace-ups and everything in between, the offering is ripe with stylistic diversity.

The faces of the collection are vocalist and cellist Kelsey Lu and R&B artist Abra. Both artists are reshaping classic musical genres in their own right, so it seems appropriate that they should be involved in the reshaping of Nike’s classics. Georgina James is the senior director of Nike Sportswear women’s footwear explained: “We chose the Air Force 1 and the Air Jordan 1 because they’re two styles that really resonate with women and are also two of our most iconic shoes at Nike. We really wanted to take those two shoes and reimagine them through the lens of women. We know that sneaker culture is growing and we wanted to offer 10 new silhouettes and styles.”

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Georgina also placed importance on the fact that the whole female time had formed organically because the women in the team were simply the best people for the job. Footwear Director Andy Caine was in charge of selecting the 14 women, explaining: “The genesis of creativity is diversity. From a design point of view, each of the designers has a very unique background and personality. Our theory is that when you mix diverse creative talents you realize some magic.”

Within just a week of working together the women had decided to base their designs off of five personas: Explorer, Lover, Sage, Rebel, and Jester. Georgina explained: “That was really the starting point of the entire collection. We chose five archetypes, or personalities, that we thought represented all women or that we could all identify with and focused on creating a look and feel for each of them.”

The team then jetted off to London where that had a total of 5 days to hand over the 10 designs. Within five days, a cohesive collection had not only been conceptualized, but expertly so. The material designer of Nike Sportswear NikeWomen, Marie Crow, had this to say: “We really wanted the silhouettes and the style choice of the consumer to be the headliners. So turning the color off and taking the materials very premium helped create a very wearable special product. We also knew that triple white’s incredibly desirable.”

Have a look at the designs for yourself:



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