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Nineteen – Ashlinn Gray


Nineteen – Ashlinn Gray

Ashlinn Gray’s largely anticipated new single is out today! Ashlinn was kind enough to answer a short Q&A about the track, Nineteen.


Nineteen Single Cover

1. On average, how long does it take you to record a song in studio?

It depends on each song. It took us a week to record nineteen and the mixing and mastering took two and a half weeks because I believe that sitting with a song for a while is the best way to make sure it comes out the way you envisioned.

2. What inspired Nineteen?

Nineteen is about making the most of a seemingly insignificant year and not leaving the kid inside behind. I’ve never looked forward to the age nineteen and I realised it was because society doesn’t have any expectations on that year which made it seem so insignificant. So as a challenge to myself, I wanted to make it a year where I really chased my dreams, with childlike faith. Sometimes we have to chase our dreams the way we used to chase paper planes.

3. Can we expect any follow-up songs of a similar nature?

You definitely can, I’m loving this pop space I’m in at the moment. However, my heart will always stay with folk-pop so you will still be hearing a lot of that too.

4. What specific thing do you wish you knew when you were 19 years old?

I wish I had less FOMO, because it’s a real struggle of mine (like seriously), and I wish I knew how to play piano and guitar better than I do now. I have really admire artists who play their own instruments and I wish I was able to play at a better standard at my age. But that’s not stopping me from putting in the hard work now!

5. Are you at all nervous about how the song will be received?

I am a little nervous because it’s not a song that is as deep in meaning as my other songs because that is my comfort zone. At the same time I’m really excited because it’s something fresh and relatable. Everyone has either gone through those awkward years or is going through them right now. Not knowing your exact place in this world is difficult but having dreams and following them makes your life feel a lot more significant. I really the track sparks people’s desire to go for it!


By: Kriszti Bottyan

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