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No more hair abuse


No more hair abuse


If you’re constantly finding that your hair is a nightmare to manage, the chances are that you’re not being kind enough to it. True story. Super-hot hairdryers, straighteners and product overload all contribute to hair that just isn’t happy. Read on to find our tips for healthy hair:

Avoid excessive heat

Excessive heat is damaging as it depletes the moisture from our hair and scalp, and over time, strips away the natural protective oils that our scalp produces. This results in that dry, frazzled, split-end fest that we all hope to avoid. The advice from the experts is to allow your hair to air dry as many times each week as possible, and also to reduce the heat settings on your dryer and straightening irons. Certain heat protection sprays can also protect against damage by creating a barrier between your hair and the heat.

Shampoo properly

To shampoo properly you must scrub your scalp to remove excess oils and product build-up. All traces of shampoo and conditioner must be gone when you rinse. Most shampoos and conditioners need lots of water to remove dirt and residue and to release their conditioning ingredients. Hair that isn’t rinsed thoroughly becomes oily, limp and unmanageable. It is also a good idea to consider going ‘sulphate-free’. Sulphates are harsh chemicals that dry and strip colour from your hair. Using shampoos and conditioners without these chemical ingredients can make a world of difference to your hair.

Rinse properly

Essentially, when you think you are done rinsing, rinse more. Admittedly this is not so easy with the current Cape Town water crisis, but it is best to skip washing your hair for a day than to wash hair and leave product in it. It is also best to rinse with cold or lukewarm water. This seals the cuticles of the hair and gives hair more shine. Hot water should be avoided.

Invest in a good dryer

Consider spending money on a good hairdryer with ionic technology. It may help your hair dry faster and create less damage to your lovely tresses. The louder a hairdryer is, the lower quality it is likely to be.

Brush with care

Your hair is most vulnerable to breakages when it is wet. Be careful combing wet hair and avoid putting it into a ponytail or plait until it is dry.


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