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Oh hell no!

Send in your embarrassing stories, I promise to keep you anonymous!! Ed

I was busy ice-skating when I needed the loo badly. I was rushing to the toilet, when these cute boys from my school came my way. All of a sudden, this huge fat guy bumps into me! I had such a shock that I wet my pants. The boys from my school started laughing at me. So, I quietly crawled off the ice rink and hid in the bathroom until they left. I was so embarrassed! Ice Queen

The other day I was reading your magazine in class and I was laughing at your Oh No section! The bell went for the next lesson and we had P.E. We were going to be doing Gymnastics. Our teacher randomly picked me to demonstrate how to do a headstand, which I had never done before. I had two girls in my class next to me who were going to help me. As they gripped onto my pants to help me up, they pulled my pants down by mistake!!! Everyone started laughing…! I ran over to my best friend who then told me I was wearing Winnie The Pooh underwear with flowers all over it!!! The most embarrassing day ever… Bummer!

I was at school and had to go to the bathroom urgently, for a number 2. It was during a class, so I thought I could chance it because there wouldn’t be many people in the loos. When I did my deed, I couldn’t find any toilet paper in my cubicle, I didn’t hear anyone else in the toilet, so I left my pants around my ankles and shuffled to the next loo to find paper. There wasn’t any in there either. So, I had to waddle to the hand basins for the paper towels. Just as I reached the paper towels a cleaning lady walked in and stared at me in shock. I think I was the last thing she expected to see. Well, all I could do was stand there and giggle. She just turned around and walked away. Toilet Teazer

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