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Our Nikita Coetzee meets Ashley Greene


Our Nikita Coetzee meets Ashley Greene

She captured the hearts of Twihards around the world as the soft-hearted psychic vampire, Alice Cullen. The Twilight Saga might be coming to an end, but this is just the beginning for Ashley Greene. I had the opportunity to sit down with Ashley and find out what the future looks like for her. Her bright personality captured my attention immediately – not hard to see why she is loved by millions around the world.

How different is the short-haired Alice Cullen from Ashley Greene?

There’s actually similarities. Basically, the first things I connected to were her bond with her family – I’m very close with my mom, my dad, my brother – her love of fashion and her general optimism about things – I tend to be a very positive person. I think the things that were different were probably – I think the Cullens were a bit isolated, and I’m pretty charismatic, I get it from my dad, he talks to everyone. The Cullens had to be stiff and cold and isolated, and I think that was a bit different.

What do you love most about your character?

I think that she is extremely loyal. I think that’s a very important thing in any relationship you have.

Fans say goodbye to Alice as the Twilight Saga comes to an end with Breaking Dawn part 2. What’s next for Ashley Greene?

I just did a film called CBGB that is based on a true story, it’s a club in New York that kind of was the starting point for underground punk rock. It’s the story about the owner Hilly Kristal and his daughter Lisa Kristal, whom I play. That should be coming out, I’m very excited for people to see it ‘cos it’s a complete departure from Alice. This woman is very New York, she kinda grew up a little rough and she’s very tough and no nonsense so that was fun to do, and I have a couple of things that I should be filming towards the end of this year.

I’m dying to know what it was like to work alongside hunks like Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner?

I feel like I kinda got gypped because for me they became like brothers. You know, everyone says “you’re working with two of the hottest guys in the world” and I just can’t see them that way. But, you know, they’re great. Taylor is just this ball of positive energy, he really was so appropriate to play one of the werewolves because he’s always jumping around and doing back-flips and the Rob, you know I love dry British humour and he certainly has that. They were really fun.

Being a vampire seems pretty cool. Do you ever go through normal life thinking, “gosh I wish I really was a vampire”?

I think parts of it would be fun and parts of it wouldn’t. I think living for eternity, or hundreds of years, sounds very cool, and I think it would be for a while. But, I think there’s something really interesting about not knowing what’s going to happen, and kind of having to live each moment like it’s the last and really experience life and pay attention to the little things. I may become a little jaded if I knew I had all the time in the world. That, and I’m a Florida girl, I love the sunshine so that would be hard for me to part with.

What moments in life do you think would be easier if you were a vampire?

I think the strength and the speed would be a great thing to have. I think vampires, at least what we know about them, are very beautiful creatures, there’s something very mysterious and sensual about them so I think that would be fun.

In Twilight you have the ability to see into the future. If you could have any super power in real life, would you still choose that or would it be something different?

I think it would be to control the weather, because one – you could cause a natural disaster if you really needed to or wanted to, you would never have a bad hair day, you could always have sunshine if you wanted, if you wanted it to be a rainy day and stay in you could. I think that would be a cool one.

How are you finding South Africa?

I love it. I had the opportunity to stop near Port Elizabeth, the Pumba Reserve, and go on safari and see all the animals, that was really fun, and then I came to Johannesburg a few days ago. I think the interesting thing, everybody says it’s a big city and it’s so busy, but you guys still have so much land and there’s a lot of clean fresh air, and everybody is very positive so I’m enjoying it. I definitely want to come back.

Describe your perfect getaway.

I love going back to Jacksonville beach, its where I’m from, I know everybody there. It’s small enough and all my hometown best friends are still there and I see my parents. It’s kind of a bit ‘islandy’, you can do whatever you want, ride bike, lay by the beach, go sailing.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love hosting dinner parties. I like having friends over and just catching up. My job requires a lot of travelling and I miss a lot of things. Baking I find really therapeutic, and then I like going to the cinema.

If you weren’t an actress what would you be doing?

I think if I wasn’t an actress I would probably be either in psychology or sociology. I find human beings and interactions really interesting and what makes people tick. I feel like it’s almost a part of acting, you have to kind of delve into these characters and figure out why they are how they are and bring them to life, so it’s always been interesting to me.

Do you remember your very first on-screen appearance?

I was on Crossing Jordan, a crime investigation TV show, and of course you’re a day player so you go in and you’re usually the victim. I almost didn’t go cause I was intimidated about the audition, and I told my mom to watch it and didn’t tell her that I died and so my mom called me kind of yelling at me like, “you can’t tell me to watch this”. And I got stabbed so it was really gruesome. I know it’s not real but for my mother watching it was not so fun for her.

Three things you would never leave home without?

My dogs – I travel with them as much as I can ‘cos I kind of feel like they are like my piece of home. My cellphone – unfortunately I’m attached to it. And probably my black heels – ‘cos you can dress anything up with a pair of black heels.

What album are you listening to right now?

I’m kind of obsessed with Fun right now. They’re on all the time. I’m sure my friends hate me by now, every time they come over Fun is on.

Three words that best describe you?

Social, loyal and care-free.

Nikita Coetzee

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