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This is why people think Bella Hadid and Drake are dating


This is why people think Bella Hadid and Drake are dating


Yolanda Hadid, Bella‘s mother, commented on those rumours that she is dating Drake. In June, reports surfaced of a possible romance between Bella Hadid and Drake, but nothing was officially confirmed. The rumour mill has since stopped churning until now. The internet is abuzz with renewed interest in Bella and Drake’s relationship following an appearance from Yolanda on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live.

Yolanda appeared surprised when asked about the topic and broke into a smile before declaring: “Are you kidding? What are we here?” Andy replied that Drake did throw Bella a 21st party. Yolanda tried to play it cool and answered with: “he did?” Mom may have not officially spoken on the matter, but fans on Twitter are taking her playful reaction as confirmation of the relationship.

Bella and The Weeknd broke up last year and the supermodel was fairly candid about her heartbreak. She even went on to say that she was taking a break from dating for a little while. So when her ex and Selena Gomez ended up getting together earlier this year, plenty were curious about how she was dealing with it. Yolanda did mention that she believes Bella is finally over the whole breakup. 



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