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Why you feel physical pain when you’ve gone through a break-up?



Why you feel physical pain when you’ve gone through a break-up?

Break-ups can hurt. Let’s rephrase that, break-ups can hurt a crap load. Excuse the French but if any of you have gone through one, you would understand where I’m coming from. You’re hurting emotionally but you’re also probably hurting physically too, especially if it was true love. Splitting up from your partner can have a dramatic impact on the human body, far beyond mental state.

Some people have reported having sore muscles, bursts of acne and a loss of appetite. The pain begins first and fore mostly in your mind. No, I’m not saying that you’re going crazy. Apparently that syndrome has a name: Broken Heart Syndrome. Psychologist Guy Winch explained that from his study held back in 2011, he determined that romantic rejection triggers the part of the brain associated with pain – where pain is activated.

Another psychologist, Edward Smith, from Columbia University in New York City conducted a study based on this same topic. He asked 40 volunteers who’d recently broken up with their spouse or partners in the past six months to look at a photograph of their former lovers and consider the rejection they went through. Subsequent MRI scans showed participants’ brain areas where physical pain is triggered lit up. In the Journal of Neurophysiology, anthropologist Helen E. Fisher, from Rutgers University, looked at parts of the brain where cocaine addiction happens and found that love and the powdery substance have something in common. The study found that the sense of detachment lights up the same area in the brain as drug users who are eager to take again.

Ultimately, when you are going through ‘love’ withdrawal, you are in an abnormal state of mind. Keep this in mind when your patience starts running low with one of your friends or family members. It could also be beneficial for you to keep this in mind when you’re going through a break-up. Understanding the source of the pain might help you deal with the situation better. It may actually help you work through the pain towards a world where you’re not desperately craving your next ‘trip’.



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