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How Pink shields her daughter Willow from news


How Pink shields her daughter Willow from news


Pink visited Ryan Seacrest on Monday at On Air With Ryan Seacrest. In the discussion Pink opened up about being a mother to 6-year-old daughter Willow and 9-month-old son Jameson. The singer made headlines for delivering and empowering speech at the MTV VMAs dedicated to her daughter. Pink shared with Ryan that she shields Willow from current events in an attempt to preserve her childhood:

“She walked into the kitchen the morning of Las Vegas and it was on the news … and she said, ‘What Mama?’ and I turn the TV off and I go, ‘Honey, there was a crime last night. And our pit bull was dragging his private parts across our rug at that very moment and I said, ‘You know, a crime just like Lucky is doing on my rug right now.’ Deflection — done.”

Pink explained that she wants her daughter to see the world through her own eyes for as long as possible:

“I want her to be six right now. She has plenty of time to learn about the world we live in. I tried to explain to her what racism is and having that conversation with a [6]-year-old really shows you how ridiculous the whole thing is.”



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