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Placecol skin test


Placecol skin test


I had my very first facial at Placecol, Norwood Mall earlier today and honestly I was impressed. I have never previously gone for a facial before so I don’t have anything to measure my experience by but you know how they always say first impressions are really important? Well, Placecol got that message loud and clear. 

Sure they were friendly and sure they offered me a glass of water and that’s nice, but it was much more than that. Once I was comfortable, neck and shoulders bare the beautician returned to begin my facial. The beautician first analysed my skin before a single product touched my face.

Questions surrounding what products I use for my skin came up and immediately I thought, ‘They just want me to buy their product.’ But I played it cool and listed every product I use. Everything I said about my skin was written down and then she used a magnifying glass to see for herself. Over the course of Winter and even now, I’ve been suffering from dry and flaky skin. 

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The beautician used the analysis to choose the facial that I would be receiving. It’s not that I had no choice in what facial would be done, it’s that after her skin analysis I trusted her decision completely. She settled on the Hydro Cocoa Facial. The facial is an intense moisturising treatment that combines Soft Laser with a Rejuvenating Cocoa Mask to provide long-lasting hydration, restoring moisture and suppleness to dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin. 

Your skin needs to be prepped before the mask is applied to your skin. This means that your skin on your face and neck needs to be cleansed, cleaned and exfoliated. A steamer was placed in front of my face so that the product used on my dry skin wouldn’t irritate it. While prepping my skin, my beautician felt the tension in my shoulders. To remedy the stress knots, she placed two hot rocks at the source of the pain. 

All the while I relaxed while classical music played in the background. After getting dressed again, I walked out of the room straight to the front desk to book my next appointment. 

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