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Poet’s Corner: Once known as family


Poet’s Corner: Once known as family

By Bella15Bee

Once known as family

She was a piece of light,
But that soon died.
The joy in her soul,
Now as cold as the North pole.

Alot they meant,
But her trust was badly bent.
Meaning of the word,
Suddenly seemed so absurd.

The people who are supposed to be full of care,
Are now so scarce.
Cause important to her, they were,
But important to them, why would they dare?

Family, the ones that broke her.
But not all was lost,
And that what was left,
Was hardened to the core.

So what to do about it next?
She’ll put on a test.
Admit to your mistake,
And maybe, just maybe you’ll have a small break.
And know that the family’s-betrayal, hurts the most.

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