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Pontie Tower – Bronwyn Van Der Walt


Pontie Tower – Bronwyn Van Der Walt

It first approached me as real life

A normal day driving home

The street ahead filled with stone

The building you are in all collapse

Pols and pillars together snap

I run closer to see your face

You are no longer in the same place

A tiny window catching my eye

Your tiny little body fallen from so high

You are covered up in blood

You reach out to me for help

There is no way I can make contact

Windows cracking bricks are departing

Dust so thick your little face fades

I scream for help everywhere

No tone live soul anywhere

People jumping from the building

Their bodies bursting beside me

I can see the fear in others eyes

I can hear all of their cries

I reach out to you crying

I know deep inside that you are dying

Any minute this building will give in

Your little voice screams out… pray for me!!

I cry louder, but pray my heart out to you

Rocks falling beside you

Your minutes left are only a few

I hold out my hand and close my eyes

Praying you grow wings and God lets you fly

That instant you went all silent

A huge building collapses

Your tiny little body relapses

I felt in my heart, a small little hole

I knew then that God had taken your soul


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