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Q&A with Kathy Beth Terry (T.G.I.F)


Q&A with Kathy Beth Terry (T.G.I.F)












Hi Kathy, thanks so much for talking to us!  You’re usually so shy – what made you come out of your shell last Friday night?  (Did your neighbour help you to feel confident and discover your true potential?)

Hi! Rebecca really helped a lot with that! She gave me a makeover and I felt like a new person. Without glasses and the headgear obstructing my view for the night, it was a lot easier to socialise. Unfortunately, we discovered much later that evening that I was allergic to tight clothes, makeup and contact lenses and my face turned into a red, puffy mess. I’m back to my old look, but I’ve got way more confidence now thanks to the party and all my new friends on Twitter and Facebook!

What’s the best thing about having Rebecca Black as a neighbour?

She’s a really good friend. We didn’t get along for a while, I was jealous because she won the science fair and beat me in the best tri-state beauty pageant, but now I’m happy to say I’m over that! We hang out a lot on her trampoline, talk a lot about boys and we’re working on designs so we can launch our own pog collection!

Why did you invite that crazy party crowd back to yours? Are you mad!

Things were starting to get out of hand at Rebecca’s once word got out that Hanson was performing. The party was spilling into the street, so, since my parents were at a convention, I just decided to increase the partying radius! I didn’t know things would get that out of hand. I got into a lot of trouble, but it was worth it!

The party must have wrecked your house!  How much trouble did you get into when your parents got home?

Yeah, it was a huge mess. My mom is a Mary Kay saleswoman, all of her products got used to draw on people while they were sleeping. A bunch of the make-up ended up on my Dad’s favourite La-Z-Boy too. I got in a LOT of trouble. I’m still grounded and my parents are forcing me to spend my summer vacation travelling with them on the convention circuit. I was supposed to stay with Uncle Kenny, but they don’t trust me anymore.

How long did it take to clear up?

The whole weekend! And the La-Z-Boy is STILL stained. Money comes out of my allowance every week to pay for the damage. Ugh. My head wouldn’t stop pounding, and to top it off, Uncle Kenny insisted on practicing sax the entire weekend.

What was the weirdest thing you found in your house in the morning?

Somebody used puff paint to decorate one of my old Cabbage Patch Dolls to look like one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There were Barbies on the BBQ, the DJ passed out in our front yard, all sorts of weird things!

How did you feel the next day when you found out that people had gone online and posted pictures and videos of you at the party?

Screwed. I knew there was no way of denying what happened to my parents if there was photographic proof.

Was there anything you did that you really regretted?

I tried to do Skip-it in my room, on my bed, and that’s what knocked my diagram of the solar system off the wall and broke it 🙁

Have you got a boyfriend now? You’ve got a lot of new admirers!

I’m single, but Devon Sawa and I have been talking on Twitter a lot. I’m hoping we’ll meet soon :)#) (this is a smile with braces! LOL!)

Would you do it all over again next Friday night?

I WOULD, if I wasn’t grounded. I’ve been sneaking out a lot lately and have gone to a few Katy Perry concerts. Shhhhh!

What are your top 5 ingredients for a great party?

– good friends

– a really great (and cute!) band

– awesome signature dance moves

– a rad rooftop sax solo

– making sure your parents will ACTUALLY be gone all weekend, so you have time to clean up!


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