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All you need to know about the eclectic Queue Marshalls!

Queue Marshalls


All you need to know about the eclectic Queue Marshalls!

“You guys should form a band!”. That’s pretty much how the Queue Marshalls started. A random jam session in a  campus radio station “office”, set the foundation for what would become an Indie Folk-Rock band. What do you get when you mix a majestic mane, epic backwards cap wearing skills and the ability to literally have more chill than a

Answer: Queue Marshalls.

We are an eclectic assortment of different characters who just go together like binging series and rainy weather. Venita + Van + Skinni Coco + 1 Vance Joy Jam Session = Queue Marshalls. *Warning* listening to the Queue Marshalls might include the following side effects: Tears, side splitting laughter, existential crises, excess clapping,
excess chill, hair envy, wearing caps backwards and pretending to be Barry White while humming bass parts.

*rechargeable batteries included*

Our artist bio pretty much sums up who we are as a band, but down to the intricacies of what we actually are; we are a three piece Indie-Folk Rock band based in Jacaranda city (Pretoria). We all work in radio as presenters – we
all worked at Tuks fm together and formed the band during our time together there.

Even though weʼve only been a band since July 2017, we hit the ground running and have already recorded our debut
single Co0l KiDs. The single is already playing on a couple of radio stations and weʼre hoping to get it on some
the bigger Gauteng radio stations by June this year. Alongside Co0l KiDs, weʼve already written 6 original songs, which were yet to record – we are taking our time with releasing a music compilation or EP, weʼre focusing on bashing out singles over the next year or so and maybe in 2019 weʼll release & nice 3 or 4 track EP.

As a band we have some awesome goals for this year and we hope to achieve them in record time. Throughout the year we will be gigging weekly at either Aandklas and Craft Exchange – thatʼs where peeps can check us out
live on & consistent basis. For now, feel free to check us out on Facebook and Instagram @queuemarshalls and
follow our zany adventures through this crazy music filled life.

By: Skinni Coco

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