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All the way from Canada, meet Quinton Cochran!

Quinton Cochran


All the way from Canada, meet Quinton Cochran!

Quinton Cochran has been garnering attention for making it as a finalist on CBC’s immensely popular Searchlight Showcase and for recently being signed to Canadian rock legend Michael Hanson’s independent label. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding his upcoming album release as well as his first-ever single In Your Eyes. We had the incredibly opportunity to chat to Quinton. Here’s what he had to say for himself:

What originally drove you to pick up a guitar for the first time?

I don’t remember asking but my mom told me that I all I wanted was a guitar and I bugged them constantly until I got one.

How do you think growing up in Toronto, Canada has influenced the progression of your music career?

I always knew that I wanted to be in some shape or form, a performer. It wasn’t until I saw Justin Bieber live with my brother in Toronto that I realized I wanted to be a singer and pursue it seriously.

You’re currently recording your first EP. What has the recording experience been like so far?

The process has been super fun so far! Writing is something I do every day so to be able to work towards something with so much support is very rewarding.

Can we expect any song writing on the EP?

Of course! I’ve always been very involved in the creative process of my music so there will be lots of songwriting!

Your first single for the EP, Don’t Need A Reason, gained immediate success placing you on GTA Top 10 in the 2017 CBC Searchlight. Does all of this reflect your expectations for the track?

Don’t Need A Reason was a project we did only for CBC Searchlight, my debut single is In Your Eyes. Definitely expect similar sounds but there are lots of surprises! My music will always be Pop however expect some very different sounds in the EP!

Not only that, but it secured you the role of Global Ambassador for 2017 Youth Day. To be named ‘Youth Ambassador’ for your country must’ve been a surreal experience?

I was absolutely honoured to be appointed a Global Youth Ambassador and was very excited when I was given the opportunity!

How did you go about developing the creative direction of your latest music video for?

For the In Your Eyes Lyric Video, we wanted something very simple. I feel like the creative direction came from the feel of the song and compliments it very well.

Did the ‘acting’ aspect related to shooting a music video come naturally to you?

I love to act so the acting not only came naturally, but was super fun!

At just 17, what are some of the lessons you feel you still need to learn regarding the music industry?

I feel like I still have much to learn, but I know that it will come with time!

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