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Rebel Wilson wins defamation case against magazine


Rebel Wilson wins defamation case against magazine

RebelRebel Wilson has taken a stand against a magazine and has won. Rebel was awarded $4.56 million in the defamation case against Bauer Media, multiple outlets are reporting. The judge told the court today:

“The extent of the publication of the defamatory imputations was unprecedented in defamation litigation in this country.”

Wilson and her legal team argued the articles, which accused her of lying about her age, name and other personal details about her upbringing, were inaccurate and damaged her reputation. She also alleged that the articles caused her to lose two roles. 

While damages have yet to be determined, as Wilson told reporters Thursday, “For me the main thing is to set the record straight.”

On a side-note, did you know that Rebel has a law degree? For more celeb ‘before they were famous’ purchase our latest version of Teenzone here



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