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Review: The Girl on the Train


Review: The Girl on the Train

The storm that brewed in Gauteng this past weekend made it the best time to cuddle up with a good read. THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN was certainly a book perfectly written for the weather. The book takes readers on a journey which depicts three very different woman’s lives and how they are inescapably connected. The main character Rachel is a train-wreck; she is a drunkard divorcee who has lost her job. She is basically getting on and off the train that is on route to the place she used to work.

Review: The Girl on the Train

On her monotonous train rides she attempts to forget her personal woes by staring at the figurines in the houses that are visible through the train windows. One particular couple interests Rachel, she proceeds to analyse the couple’s life (giving the figurines names, passions and careers). Despite Rachel’s attempt to name the figures she sees from the window her ideal couple. Her idea; couple is actually named Megan and Scott Hipwell.

The relationship is smooth-sailing until Megan has reportedly gone missing. Her disappearance, as believed by the police, has something to do with Rachel. The police’s belief is spurred on by Anna who is the lady currently married to Rachel’s ex husband Tom. Coincidentally, Megan was also once a babysitter for Tom and Anna’s child. The train ride is exciting and no matter which carriage you choose to sit in there’s no denying that it is impossible to put the book down until the mystery is solved.

By: Laila Abramjee 

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