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Ryan Reynolds response to record-breaking ‘Wonder Woman’


Ryan Reynolds response to record-breaking ‘Wonder Woman’

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman hit cinemas earlier this year and the response to the film was incredible. Gal Gadot portrayed Wonder Woman and simultaneously won the hearts of all who watched it. The film has strong feminist leanings not only because the main character of the superhero movie is a woman, also because the director of the film is a woman. 

Wonder Woman has officially surpassed Deadpool with a ground-breaking box office gross. Ryan Reynolds, in response, posted a celebratory post in honour of the #boxofficeboss. The post read:

“The merc may be filthier, but her B.O. is stronger. Congrats #wonderwoman.”

Wonder Woman has earned more than $368 million in North America alone. The film has moved past Deadpool, which grossed $363 million in 2016. Deadpool still leads the worldwide box office with $783 million. Wonder Woman follows with $746 million. Box office does, however, predict that Wonder Woman will surpass Deadpool at the global box office before the month ends.   


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