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Selena explains the meaning behind her music video ‘Fetish’


Selena explains the meaning behind her music video ‘Fetish’


The officially music video of Fetish was released towards the end of July. Many were confused and were surprised by the direction Selena Gomez took. If you cringed as Selena ate the bar of soap or lipstick, you were not the only one. Also, what was going on in that giant freezer?

Selena explained that ‘fetish’ in this case doesn’t mean sexual fetishes. She says that she doesn’t see the word as most people know the word at face value. When most people hear the word fetish they think of the sexual connotations. Selena further explains that she wanted to make the video like a horror film. The video is certainly shown to the viewer as creepy. 

Does that make a little more sense? Watch it again now that you know what was going on in Selena’s mind when she came up with the concept.



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