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Sofia Richie is ‘smitten’ with Scott Disick


Sofia Richie is ‘smitten’ with Scott Disick


Since Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian split (officially) Scott has been linked to a string of women including Bella Thorne and now Sofia Richie. At this point we would like to specify that Scott is 34-years-old and Sofia is 19-years-old, we just thought we’d put that out there. Seems like Mason, Penelope and Reign might have an older ‘sister’ very soon.

Sources have said that Sofia is reportedly ‘smitten’ with Scott. A source told People:

“Scott and Sofia are inseparable. They are spending every day together. Sofia seems smitten. It’s obvious that she looks up to Scott. She constantly giggles around him. They are very flirty. Scott takes care of her, opens the car door and pays for everything.”



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