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South African director makes SA proud!


South African director makes SA proud!

There will be a movie releasing here in SA on the 30th of August called Elysium. The storyline is that it is 2154 and the earth is inhabited by the poor, while the rich live on an idyllic utopia they have built in space called Elysium.

Matt Damon plays the lead role as a diseased earthling who is trying to get into Elysium to cure himself and find a cure for the people living on earth.

What makes this film extra special for us is that the director, Neill Blomkamp, is the same person who directed the movie District 9 which won an Oscar a while back.

With all the international artists touring SA and now this awesome movie directed by a South African, our country is definitely making a name in the global arena! Be proud to be South African!


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