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Spring Fashion Tips


Spring Fashion Tips

Time for tank tops and maxi dresses – spring is almost here!

It may be a bit cold at the moment to go swimming or to walk around in your shorts and flip-flops, but even in this weather you can still look good, so try a short sleeve with a thin jacket or a maxi dress with a denim waistcoat.

Spring is time to be more playful with colours. So why not use that in your fashion? Floral and block colours are in.

Florals of all sizes are in

Small florals are perfect for a smart occasion, or for shirts and jackets.

Bigger florals are better for maxi dresses or larger items.

I’m all for block colours this season. Try a brighter block colour with jeans or a denim skirt and for nude or darker block colours I’d wear them for a more formal effect. You can get block jeans, block shoes… pretty much every item of clothing in a block colour.

A great look to, is a light floral shirt, ripped jeans and wedge heels, and if you don’t like florals try a bright block colour.

If you are not comfortable in heels – time for those sandals. Mix and match your clothes, a black ruffle skirt with a floral shirt will work, or light skinnies and blue block shirt with clogs.

Spring is full of colours and new life, be playful with your wardrobe and try new outfits, it may just end up being your favourite!

By Emma Wrede

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