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Spring has sprung, so can you!


Spring has sprung, so can you!

The cold winter months often transform us into home bodies that prefer to snuggle up under the warm covers. It’s much harder to be active and our lives can quickly fall into dreary routines. This coupled with a lack of sunshine, makes negative feelings harder to bat away. We change and go through the motions of life differently depending on the seasons. Unfortunately, winter has the reputation of predisposing us to sadness or depression. And so, the heaviness of our layered clothes and blankets may start to reflect the emotional weight we might be carrying.

The transformational energy of spring is the perfect time to welcome a new buzz into your life and get out of any rut you might be in. Allow the same warmth and light that is slowly creeping back into your surroundings to settle into your life. We can only roll around in angst and cosy blankets with the comfort of hot chocolate or a series for so long. Sooner or later we need to get our groove back and step out into the world. Here are 3 things you can do to make space in your life for the new beginnings and vibrant energy that comes with Spring:

  1. Declutter: There’s a reason it’s called spring cleaning! Letting go of clutter that no longer serves you and tidying up can have you feeling like a new person. Decluttering your space is also the perfect way to clear your mind and destress. Set aside a day or weekend to go through your stuff and say goodbye to everything you no longer need. Donate old clothes and give away things that you don’t use. It’s so easy to accumulate a lot of “stuff” but it should be just as easy to get rid of it. Amidst the clearing up, don’t forget to recycle any glass, paper or plastic you come across. This is the perfect time to scrub the floors extra hard or sweep past the corners you usually neglect. You can also move some furniture around to really make your space feel brand new. Something as simple as pushing your bed into a different corner or re-organising your desk can be an exciting change. To finish off, you can light a scented candle or incense stick that captures the fresh and floral scents of spring.


  1. Step outside: Nature is blooming, and you should get out the house and witness its beauty. In the digital age where spending hours locked in a room bouncing between multiple screens is normal, its easy to forget that we as humans are meant to have a relationship with nature. The sun has been hiding behind grey clouds for months which means that spending time in the sun will be amazing – not only for warming your skin but for brightening your mood too. If you’re feeling stressed out or simply need some grounding, standing on the grass with your bare feet is a great way to settle your energy and get connected with your surroundings. If you found yourself isolated during winter, now is a great time to reawaken the socialite in you. Invite your friends on a walk or plan a bring and share picnic so you can bond while you enjoy the fresh air and colourful scenery.


  1. Get moving: We all know that exercise and winter aren’t the best of friends. Somehow as soon as the cold settles in, our bodies become resistant to most physical activity and simple tasks and chores start to feel like heavy manual labour. All the sitting and sleeping we do during winter can quickly catch up to us. Whether your jeans zip a little tighter or you find yourself huffing and puffing halfway up a flight of stairs, you can always bounce back by welcoming some movement into your life. Remember that this isn’t to punish your body for coming out of its winter hibernation a little heavier but to move and stretch your body because it was made to be active. 30 minutes to an hour a day of jogging, dancing, stretching or a home exercise routine is a great way to get your blood flowing, lift your energy and your mood. This will also flush out any stagnant energy that might have built up in your body over winter and bring activity back into your daily routine.


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