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Stand a chance of winning The Evermoor Chronicles GRAND PRIZE valued at R1500


The Evermoor Chronicles continues the story that began with the four-part mini-series/ movie, Evermoor. The exciting new episodes are set to bring more mystery and intrigue that will see Tara dig deeper into the secrets behind the weird and spooky people she meets, and discovers her new-found powers now that she has been revealed as the Supreme Everine. The danger, mystery and intrigue unfurls at Evermoor Manor after Tara discovers a beautiful old tapestry tended to by the sinister Everines and the formidable Esmerelda Dwyer who seem determined to get rid of our heroine and her family at any cost.  Tara and Seb unite to save their new home and her family’s future.

The Evermoor Chronicles is Disney Channel UK’s biggest and most successful homegrown live-action production to date and is set to premiere on Disney Channel across multiple territories from autumn 2015

Included in the Grand Prize is an Evermoor Chronicles inspired bomber/baseball jacket.

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